Tuesday, May 28, 2013


First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes.......well you get the idea.....and probably will be singing this all day long.  You're Welcome!  :)

It's almost June and you know what that means?  Wedding season!  Here are a few of my most recent Wedding cards.

I made this card for the JUGS#190 Color Challenge and for the SSSC#185 Sketch Challenge:

Stamp Sets:  A Year Of Flowers 2, Petals & Wings
My next card is one I made for a wedding my daughter will be attending.  I was 'gifted' a stacked set of wooden drawers filled with lots of lace, and flowers, ribbon, and many sparkly things.  It also had these 'floral picks', pearls on wires, easily bent into different shapes.  Maneuvered one into a heart to add a loving embellishment.   A little scrunched up pink tulle and ribbon, toss in some pearls and ta da! 
Stamp set:  True Love
My final wedding card is for my Nephew's Wedding in July.  I have tried something new.  I have been playing with this idea for awhile and bought those really small canvases they sell at most craft stores.  I think these measure 3"x3", have six in a package and probably were less than $5.  I used Memento Tuxedo Black ink, heat set it,  and colored with Copics.  I found the more I colored the more the black ink dissolved and disappeared.  I had to retouch the Groom's face.....please tell me he doesn't look like he is scowling?  Right?  lol  I then mounted that as the focal portion of my card, adding the 'hanging ribbon' giving the effect of a piece of artwork hanging on a wall.  Well, at least that is what I was going for.  :)   I hope the Bride & Groom like this, I kind of love the whole idea. 
Her dress is all silver glitter and her 'rock' is an adhesive rhinestone.  I added the 'picture perfect' sentiment so they would think artwork.....subtle......very subtle. 
Stamp sets:  Mr. & Mrs. Diva
And after all of these weddings I have a feeling it will be year of the babies.  I actually have a baby shower to go to on Sunday.  The Mommy-To-Be is having a boy, what JOY!
Stamp set:  Mommy To Be Diva
Ahhhh Spring time......love is in the air!
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Friday, May 24, 2013

Gifts From The Sea.....

In my little corner of the world, I get to breathe the crisp, salty air on a daily basis.  And for this I am thankful.  I live very close to a wonderful little beach.  The photo above is at the foot of my beach, weather worn boat houses.  My beach, as I call it, is a place I like to go, to walk in the early mornings, the late afternoons and in past years, all winter long.  A great place to think and mull over the issues of the day, a great place to clear your head.  Even though it is the same exact location, everyday is totally different.  The currents and tides, the trinkets that roll in on the frothy waves, the location of the sun or moon, it is ALL different, every time!  And I think that is part of it's charm and what keeps me coming back for more, time and time again. 

I am an avid collector of sea glass.  The beautifully frosted pieces of color that the sea smooths and spits back out over time.  I have jars and jars of these pieces of gems.  I even had my Hubby build a little shelf-like nook in my stairwell when we rebuilt the house.  I knew I would need a special spot to display these jars of color!  And each night and each morning I walk by them, I can feel my heart skip a beat and the joy that they give me.  Simple Pleasures!

I once read that at Fort Bragg in California, there is a cliff that was once used as a tossing off place.  A spot where people would come and toss their debris over.  Rocks and sea below, they thought it the perfect place to 'dump' their no longer used items.   Apparently they would also roll their old jalopies over the edge, letting them crash below, where the sea would come and drag them out.  Back then, the tail lights of cars were made of glass, actual red glass.  And now after many decades, this is the place to go and collect red sea glass.....be still my heart!  :)  Around my neck of the woods, blue is the color to find, that is MY treasure.  On a daily walk I can always snag the frosty whites, greens and browns, but if I find a precious blue piece of sea glass, the world will hear my cry!  Again, Simple Pleasures!  One Thanksgiving one year, I remember breaking a cobalt blue Pyrex dish.  Now most of you would simply and carefully toss it in the trash......but not me.  I took the smallest pieces of that, and ran to the beach and tossed them to the farthest point.  I figure in about 8 more years I should be able to re coop that Pyrex dish, but in a much prettier way!


This bottle of sea water is dated October 1961, the first time my Nana Sylvia saw the Atlantic Ocean

This is the 'prized' blue collection, in a jar found on the beach, well worn from the sea.
“The sea does not reward those who are too anxious, too greedy, or too impatient. To dig for treasures shows not only impatience and greed, but lack of faith. Patience, patience, patience, is what the sea teaches. Patience and faith. One should lie empty, open, choiceless as a beach—waiting for a gift from the sea.”  Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Gift From The Sea.
One of the other fabulous treasures I collect is Wampum.  The broken pieces of quahog clam shells that are purple and white.   It is amazing what can be done with these pieces of shells.

A few years back I bought a rock tumbler for my birthday.  By placing the shells into this machine, adding the appropriate grit or polishing agent, and being patient......almost 30 days......you can turn that above into these perfectly polished pieces of Wampum.  Once polished you can drill them and add jewelry findings creating necklaces and earrings.

I have even just added some pretty ribbons to larger pieces to make Christmas ornaments.  I am sure the possibilities are endless.  They would be very good for wire wrapping and making pendants too. 
I love how each piece is different.  I love finding the ones with 'purple waves'.  Mother Nature is quite clever at surprising me time and again!
This fall I plan on mastering drilling pieces of sea glass......a dremel.....water.....mask.....safety glasses.....etc.... is highly recommended.  And if you ever drill any type of shell or glass you MUST wear safety glasses and a mask.  That fine dusty powder from drilling can get into your lungs and
cause many complications, so please be careful!!!!
Hope you enjoyed this beach flavored post.  Just a couple of more photos to send you on your way.  Thanks so much for stopping by.

Enjoy your long weekend......the Official Start of Summer!


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Beach Card Series

Thought I would share some of the Beach Cards I have been working on recently.  I was trying to get into a local Craft Fair last weekend, then I realized I had NO beach like cards (which I am sure would be a huge hit here) so in about 8 hours I made 25 beach themed cards.  And I am very happy with how they came out.  Unfortunately all of my hard work went unnoticed, as the 'fair organizer' never was able to give me a definitive answer.  Oh well, I am thinking of giving sets to some of my most favorite people!  :)  That should work!

Here they are:

By The Sea 2


These next 2 cards use sentiments from GKD all other stamps are from Stampin' Up!

I have been trying to learn how to shade and color better and more frequently.  Theresa Momber has an AWEsome Blog with wonderfully informative tutorials.  She really takes the time to show you 'easy' step by step instructions.  You can check it out for yourself here:  Crafting The Web  
By The Sea 2
By The Tide
Thanks for stopping by.  And thanks so very much for taking the time to leave me comments, they are fun to read and I appreciate them and you!  Make sure you come back for the next Beach installment!  :)


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Land Sharks.....

*** I tried 3 times last night to keep my promise, internet kept going out***

As promised I am back with Part II of Sharks In The Park.  I also want to let you know that there is a Face Book Page dedicated to The Chatham Shark, Lydia.   Complete with a shark tracker where you can keep tabs on her there.

Here are the final photos of the sharks in the park.  I did not post all 54, but if you come by I'd be more than happy to take you downtown......maybe a stop at Chatham Candy Manor & the Squire?  :)


Cape Cod Hydrangea


                                           Stained Glass
                                                 Do you know what these are made of?  One of my favorites!

Love the whole mocking of this shark and seal combo!
                                                                        Most of them are painted on the back as well.
Love how they actually look like they are swimming along in these next photos.
Remember, if you're in the area, you must visit Kate Gould Park, the sharks will be displayed through June 2nd.
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Sunday, May 19, 2013

It's Spring Time And The Sharks Are In The Park!

Good Afternoon!  Another glorious day in Paradise.  I want to share a little bit about the community I live in, Chatham, Mass.  We used to see these bumper stickers all around, Chatham, a quaint little drinking village with a fishing problem.  But since the Great Whites arrived, that has all changed.  Now we are beginning to be known for, a quaint little shark village with a seal problem.  The Great Whites have realized there are an abundance of fat, lazy, lying in the sun, delicious meals waiting for them on Monomoy Island.  You out-of-towners may have seen this cozy little hamlet hit the news each summer, due to the sharks, they made quite the splash.  And you have probably seen us on the Weather Channel too.  We have our own little weather station, and when the wind kicks up and the waves crash all news vehicles descend, it's quite comical at times. 

But back to the Great Whites.  We now have an exhibit of Sharks In The Park.  Local Artists and businesses have created beautifully decorated/painted/crafted sharks, yes.....SHARKS!   I went downtown where they are displayed and was amazed at the talent and variety of ideas.  AMAZING!!! 

I am just going to post some of the photos today and more tomorrow. 

Just drink it all in people! 




Mermaids, all about the Mermaids.
This is from the Chatham Band, they perform at the Gazebo each Friday night in the summer.
Local Ice Cream Shop


This is the shark that some of the Gals from my Crafty Chics Group created.  It has paintings of local attractions and a QR Reader so you can scan and learn more about each attraction.  VERY Clever!

There are 54 Sharks in the park.....dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun.......

Friday, May 17, 2013

A Fun Little Mother's Day Adventure.....

This post is a little overdue!  

2 weeks ago my Daughter and my Mother came to town!  We got to spend some quality Mother/Daughter/Mother/Daughter/Nana/Grand Daughter time together, which doesn't happen often enough!  It was such a beautiful weekend, weather-wise and memory-wise!  We were celebrating Mother's Day AND my Mother's 83rd Birthday, which fell on the very same day this year--love when that happens!  I sent out a card telling her to pack her bags as Lori and I were kidnapping her.  We told 'nana', as she is known in these parts, that it was an all 'YOU DAY'......whatever she wanted to do we would do.  Little did we know she would leave us both exhausted--but in a good way! 

We started the day heading out to Provincetown, aka P'Town.  A glorious little artsy community, where local characters add so much flavor to the surroundings.  The scenic route out is filled with water views in almost every direction, sand, sea and pines.  Just a lovely way to get where you are going.  "A man may stand there and put all America behind him."   Henry David Thoreau

We drove from one end of the Cape to the other.....literally, P'Town to Sandwich!  A good time was had by all.  We dined, we drank, we laughed.  To be able to celebrate this woman, this wonderful, wonderful woman is a blessing in my life.  And to be able to share the entire day with my own Daughter is another blessing.  I am the luckiest gal around.....and thankfully I know it!

My Mom was such a good sport.  While eating lunch in P'Town she put on her birthday tiara, sash, pin and wand.  I warned her she may just run into someone else dressed just like her, trust me there are alot of colorful characters in P'Town.  The restaurant was so enchanted too that they took her photo and posted her on their Face Book page.  A sweet woman having lunch with a friend stopped by and told me how lucky I was to have such a wonderful Mom and to be able to spend time with her.  Believe me, I KNOW!!!!

The Pirate Kidnappers


The Damsel In Distress


My 2 VERY Favorite Girls In The Whole Wide World And Beyond!

My Mother and Daughter are 2 peas in a pod.  Lori often stops in to chat with Nana......to 'wine' with Nana.  They enjoy outings to my Mom's most favorite past time, watching the Boston Red Sox.  As a matter of fact, we gave her 2 tickets to the Mother's Day Game as part as her gift.  She and Lori had a 'wicked good time'.  :)
Thanks for stopping by.  And thank you all who leave comments, they are a lot of FUN to read.....I appreciate it!