Sunday, May 19, 2013

It's Spring Time And The Sharks Are In The Park!

Good Afternoon!  Another glorious day in Paradise.  I want to share a little bit about the community I live in, Chatham, Mass.  We used to see these bumper stickers all around, Chatham, a quaint little drinking village with a fishing problem.  But since the Great Whites arrived, that has all changed.  Now we are beginning to be known for, a quaint little shark village with a seal problem.  The Great Whites have realized there are an abundance of fat, lazy, lying in the sun, delicious meals waiting for them on Monomoy Island.  You out-of-towners may have seen this cozy little hamlet hit the news each summer, due to the sharks, they made quite the splash.  And you have probably seen us on the Weather Channel too.  We have our own little weather station, and when the wind kicks up and the waves crash all news vehicles descend, it's quite comical at times. 

But back to the Great Whites.  We now have an exhibit of Sharks In The Park.  Local Artists and businesses have created beautifully decorated/painted/crafted sharks, yes.....SHARKS!   I went downtown where they are displayed and was amazed at the talent and variety of ideas.  AMAZING!!! 

I am just going to post some of the photos today and more tomorrow. 

Just drink it all in people! 




Mermaids, all about the Mermaids.
This is from the Chatham Band, they perform at the Gazebo each Friday night in the summer.
Local Ice Cream Shop


This is the shark that some of the Gals from my Crafty Chics Group created.  It has paintings of local attractions and a QR Reader so you can scan and learn more about each attraction.  VERY Clever!

There are 54 Sharks in the park.....dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun.......


  1. WOW!!! Those are amazing! Midland has something like that which they do every year. There have been bears, mushrooms and I think maybe gnomes one year too. Amazing are there....thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Hi Donna -- 54 sharks in the park. That's downright genius! Love your 'chic' one, but that ice cream one is making me slobber :P

  3. Good Morning Donna, really cool sharks! I love the ice cream one, too. Around here we had life size horses and bears that they decorated. One horse was so cool they covered in a quilt design. And the bears there is even a Abe Lincoln hat and all. Do you go in the water there or are you scared? I was always afraid after seeing Jaws.