Tuesday, May 14, 2013

More Crafty Chics Projects

Zowie!  Last week my little Crafty Chics group held a meeting.  We have had so many new gals join in the past few weeks, we wanted to show them some of the things we have made.  And some of the new gals brought what they had been working on as well.  It was a room full of inspiration and creativity!  I could hardly believe the shared crafts, they are truly a marvelously talented group of ladies.  I am so happy to be able to meet with them.  There is always something new to learn and see.  One other wonderful aspect of this group, is that when we see a craft we just have to have, we can typically pursuade that Crafty Chic to teach us all how to make it.  So if you're ever in the area you MUST stop by!  And bring something crafty!  :)
Paper Beads

Paper Beads

Eye Glass Holders


 Fabric Crafts:

Felted Flower Pin With Hidded Pocket And Message


      Felted Purses
Fleece Knitted Mittens


Quilted Bag
Eggshell Creations (yup you read that right!)  :)

Book Making:


"Candy/Magazine Wrappers"



Picket Fence Fish


And last but not least, a scallop shell night light and a paper casted shell.
Now these are just a handful of the crafts we shared last week.  There were many,  many more.  At the next class we will be learning how to make a wine bottle into a hummingbird feeder, which is so neat, as I just saw the first one of the season at my back door yesterday! 
Take care and be crafty! 


  1. Oh my gosh, what a lot of cool stuff. I wish I could come to your meetings!!! I just told Himself that you saw a hummingbird. He has put up his feeders, but just mentioned he hasn't seen any yet. They must be making their way from the Cape to Michigan. Thanks for posting all those neat creations...love them all. Oh, and have you ever made paper beads? Fun!!!

  2. OMGosh girl, you are one busy lady. Your meetings sound like lots and lots of fun. How do you find the time to make all those gorgeous cards and your other crafts??

  3. Exquisite creations Donna! So happy you are enjoying making wonderful projects with friends! Love the flower w/hidden message as well as egg shell card. I keep asking my dh to spritz some diluted bleach to an egg shell and let it dry overnight, but it isn't high on the priority list LOL! :* enjoy!!!