Crafty Chics

I belong to a wildly talented group of Ladies here on Cape Cod, called the Crafty Chics (pronounced Chicks, but oh so Chic!).  We meet twice a month at the local community center to craft.  We consist of painters, and knitters, card makers, beaders, polymer clay enthusiasts, just to name a few. 

Here are some of the wonderful crafts we have created over the years.


Memory Wire Bracelets

Bread Roses

Cork Reindeer

Crocheted Ornaments

Glittered Ornaments

                                                    Ombre Glittered Scallop Ornament

                                                                      Shell Nightlite

Slate Welcome Signs

Wonky Tree Ornaments
Fused Glass Platter


  1. WELL, it's about time! I love the different creations you posted. See, I didn't know you made alot of those things. I'm signing up to be a follower! :)

  2. Oh my gosh, I so want to belong to that group!!! You guys are certainly talented.....keep the ideas coming. Super cool!!! Love the bracelets, and the bread roses are beautiful. How fun to learn some new things.

  3. So talented love it all and I am following:)

  4. Oh my! I was right--it is "chicks". Lol! And crafty you are!!!! What gorgeous creations!

  5. Gorgeous creations! So talented, but I knew that already!

    Have sign up as a follower.

  6. Donna, I am so flubber-flibber-flabbergasted! Your talents are ENDLESS!!!! Color me a follower!!!!

  7. Great creations! I usd to do all kinds of crafts...taught the kids. But I am not able to any more so I will enjoy yours:-)