Monday, April 21, 2014

Marathon Monday And Blog-O-Versary

Good Morning! 

A year ago on Marathon Monday I started this Blog, although I never posted my first entry that day, I saved it for the end of the week.  The date was actually April 15th, a typical Patriots Day here in Massachusetts.  But, what we all know now is, that day became anything but typical. 

My daughter and her fiancée, my brother and sister-in-law and their soon to be daughter-in-law were all there to watch my nephew run his very first Boston Marathon, he ran a great race and crossed the finish line too.  I am thankful that my family was safe on that fateful day, that we all can take comfort in that fact.  I am also greatly saddened by other families who were not so lucky.  And by others who will never be able to view the world as they did before.

This city, Boston, as we all claim to be from in times like these, has truly become Boston Strong!  I am proud to be from 'here'....I grew up in a little suburb 15 minutes north of the city.  Somehow my daughter, who grew up in a little town south of the city, has still managed to become a 'city girl'.

A lot has happened over the past year, some good things, some bad things, but isn't that the way years tend to pass?

So to everyone everywhere, say a little prayer for our little town, especially today!  Thank you!

Here is my latest card.

I have used the Marathon Diva stamp set from Gina K Designs, first time getting her inky!  I added a blue metal paperclip.  I topped the paperclip with a pin honoring the Boston Marathon 2013.  I worked at a little family run business, before moving to the Cape, they manufactured plastic lapel pins for promotions.   My old boss Nick, sent me some of these. 


I don't want to end on a dreary note, I want to celebrate the fact that I have had my Blog for a year, so I am offering up some Blog Candy.  All you have to do is make sure you follow my Blog via email and that confusing Google thingie.....leave me a comment, maybe tell me what is your one favorite thing that has happened to you over the past year!
Here is what you may win:
Autumn Leaves, Whimsical Frames
Sandylion, Funtastik Flowers
Gina K Designs, Spring Parade Designer Paper
Baker's Twine
Miscellaneous Accents

 I will choose 1 winner on May 1st.  One entry per person.
Happy Spring To You All!


  1. Such a nice commentary on your wonderful "strong" Boston. So much history in that city, and more was added one year ago! Didn't realized that you started your blog on that fateful day. I have enjoyed your blog so much, you always seem to say something appropriate, or wonderful. Your card is awesome. What a great tribute to those who were effected by that tragic event!
    I really can't way one thing that has happened this past year that is my favorite. But maybe it would be having our grandsons for a few days at a time, just by themselves. They love it and so do I. Plus, winning the Guest Designer spot has been a high point.
    Thanks for offering the blog candy, and thanks also for reminding us that the human spirit always wins.

  2. I am HONORED to see Marathon diva with a Boston Strong clip used on this special day! Completely HONORED my friend! Thank you! Your card is beautiful!

  3. I've been thinking about this marathon this past week. What a tragedy last year. But Boston is Strong and will carry on but remember those who lost their lives last year and those who were injured. They will run this race for them and for themselves. What a great tribute card for them. Love your marathon diva!
    Many happy things this last year but the best is finding out that I am going to be a grandma for the first time. Yay!

  4. What a poignant card for a Strong tribute to the memory of the ones that were lost and the ones that survived. The card is awesome in so many ways. Your thoughtfulness and sincerity, comes thru loud and strong. Glad that your family is safe and I am sure that you hold them a little closer.
    I am so surprised that you have only been blogging for a year. I got so many tips from you when I build my blog back sometime in fall of 2012. Thank you for that. I have an amazing life, I just can't believe it sometimes. I am so grateful for the kids, grandkids and my husband who has made so many things possible for me these last 20 years. If I had to pick one thing, it was going back to Sicily to the village that my grandparents immigrated from 99 years ago. If they had not left their parents ( they were both only children, never to see them again) I would not be here today and have the life that I have. I am so so grateful to them. It was an emotional day that brought me to tears.

  5. Following your blog, Donna, I was popping in an out in the past. You have really developed your skills since we've been commenting on each other's cards on StampTV. I believe the whole country has been Boston Proud and Strong since last year. It's been a tough year for me too since I lost my mom in July but I have my family and always find joy in having my grandchildren. But I guess when you have a down moment in time I try to look for the positives and try to just enjoy each day.

  6. The besy thing that happened to me was discovering all the blogs that showcase cards and paper crafts.


  7. What a wonderful card you created and such a nice tribute to all those who ran that race and to those who did not finish. I am glad your family was safe though. I guess the most memorable thing for me was learning I was to be a grandmother again this summer. We got a late start on having grandchildren so this is indeed a wonderful thing for us.

  8. What a wonderful commentary, you always know just what to say and how to say it. Your card is a great tribute to all who were there on that fateful day. For me there were actually two best things this past year; when I took my granddaughter to see Thunder From Down Under and I got up on stage....Woo Hoo!! and when we sold our MN house

  9. Wow, you and your family were blessed indeed on that day..we watched it here in Australia, and it was so horrible..what humans do to one another...happy 1st blog birthday!! Gee, I thought you were in "blog land" way longer than that! Something good that has happened to me in the last year...I actually had lots of losses this past year, but something I "found", that was God is good, loving and always faithful!

  10. Love your card and LOVED reading your blog today and okay.....any day! Something Good that has happened to me....would be all the lovely ladies like yourself that I haven't been fortunate enough to meet in person, but have enjoyed talking, laughing and joking with this past year. Card crafters are truly the nicest people on the planet!

  11. Your such an amazing lady.What a lovely card and tribute to Boston and will never forget....
    One is I got a new grbaby and finally my new smile works.It only took 18 months.So I will celebrate and remember the ones who have passed and the new grbaby I will get to see again in just two months..
    I am thankful for all my crafty friends and family...
    Thank you for sharing as I know it has been a very trying past few months.,,

  12. Love your Boston strong card and your wonderful tribute. So much has happened in the past year. What a great way to celebrate with blog candy! I'm very grateful for StampTV and the lovely ladies I can call my friends!

  13. Donna, what a beautiful card and a wonderful tribute to Boston Strong. I didn't know about your family being there and your nephew actually running in the race. A miracle for sure that they are all safe. What a perfect stamp set for your timely card. Well done and before I forget...congratulations on your blog-o-versary!

  14. What an awesome card just perfect for the race! Glad that your family was safe! One of the best things that happened was when my dh got his new job! He loves it he has the weekend's off with me now! God is good all the time! Boston Strong! Thanks for the chance to we win sweet pea! Have a Blessed day! XO

  15. Donna, love your card - it's so very appropriate. We had news of the bombing at the time, and again on the anniversary.

    It's so hard to comprehend that people would do this to other people.

    On a happy note, the last year has been pretty special for my family. My youngest grandchild has Dravet Syndrome, and we were told to prepare to say goodbye. Instead my daughter put her on Medical Cannabis - she was the first child in Australia to have it - and her life has been saved. Definitely something to rejoice about!

  16. Hi Donna. I haven't checked out your blog for awhile, but wanted to say hi today! We have had a lot of news coverage up here in Canada about the anniversary of the Bostom Marathon. My cousin was also in the run last year, and was able to finish the race before anything happened. It is great to see how much GOOD has come out of such a tragedy. Love those ribbon pins you put on the card--perfect touch.